Whatever tool it is, it’s always found to be helpful to carry a specific piece of the task. Those tools accredit us to remain relevant, gain a competitive advantage and serve customers well. Hence, they shouldn’t be ignored or taken for granted.

Customers are the reason why your company runs. No customer, no company. For the same reason, sales and marketing play a key role in company’s growth. Spending time and money on sales and marketing related tasks never goes in vain.

We are already aware of the results we get from cold calling. Only 2% of them actually shows up the result. I am not here to oppose the use of cold calling but I solely believe that for better sales result one must create a better sales strategy.

In this piece of content, we will examine 7 sales tools that would be effective in boosting sales efficiency and helping close more deals. Let’s proceed!

  1. HubSpot Sales

I am sure you aren’t listening to the name “HubSpot” for the first time. HubSpot is an all-in-one software for inbound marketing. HubSpot is the only software that is able to handle all the needs of your sales process.

There are three distinct solutions HubSpot offers according to a sales perspective. They are-

Whether you’re a starter or an established business, HubSpot is a solution for all sizes of firm. With this free tool, you can gain access to various tools to boost every aspect of your inbound strategy.

From getting access to email templates, knowing each and every interaction with the customer, knowing about the emails clicked and opened to learning more about the prospects, locating the decision-maker, HubSpot helps you with sales activities.

HubSpot lets you collect data related to visitors, broken down by the company, as well as the pages that they are viewing. This way you can get an idea about the prospects interested in your products/services and can target the correct one.

  1. LinkedIn Sales Solutions

Known as the world’s largest professional network, LinkedIn offers various opportunities for sales in digital marketing. LinkedIn sales solutions provides many sales tools for prospecting and more.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is the popular choice through which one can make sales prospecting better and easier than ever before. The tool helps you target the right prospects, understand key insights and engage with prospects.

Some of the great advantages of Sales Navigator are as stated below:

  • +5% higher win rates when using Sales Navigator to close deals
  • +35% larger deals when using Sales Navigator to connect with decision makers
  • 34% opportunities sourced when using Sales Navigator to find customers

Hence, you must give the Sales Navigator a try with its free trial.

  1. Datanyze

A tool that generates technographics and mentions itself as the leader in technographics. Technographic is something that is applied to everyday sales and marketing processes. How? Here’s the answer:

  • Technology tracking: It provides you technology tracking insights to drives sales by monitoring the web and mobile technology choices of 35M companies.
  • Predictive analytics: It lets you score your existing pipelines and find net-new content by comparing the technology profiles of your top customers with the database of 35M companies to surface the best prospects inside and outside your CRM.

  • Prospecting: With prospecting, you can research accounts, search contacts and find email addresses. Datanyze combines all prospecting tasks into one simple workflow so your reps can cover more accounts in less time.
  • Data enrichment: It helps you get an accurate and real-time information on 35M companies so that you can always have a competitive edge.
  1. InsideSales.com

A great tool for sales leads management. With various products that it offers include- lead and accounting scoring, sales communication, predictive forecast, email and web tracking, opportunity scoring and platform.

However, the best tool it offers is the email and web tracking tool similar to lead forensics review that enhance blog post traffic tracking.

The tool let you better understand how leads are interacting with your emails, blog post and website.

Inside sales have analysed over 110 billion sales interactions to know what makes salespeople successful and built the findings into their product.

The tool incorporates Artificial Intelligence to help salespeople close more and bigger deals. It lets you choose who to sell and what actions to take.

  1. Boomerang

An ultimate email productivity tool that lets you draft and schedule email for later. Hence, instead of hitting send right away, you can choose to send it later with Boomerang.

Boomerang lets you draft your follow-up response right after the call, but schedule it to go out at time convenient for you and the prospect which represents that you invested time in interacting with them without seeming too forceful.

The tool also helps you postpone the incoming email by making them disappear from the inbox into a folder or label, then bringing them back to the top of the message list at the specified time.

Boomerang also helps you keep your inbox clean without losing track of important messages. The tool also brings an AI-powered assistant, responding, directly to your compose window.

  1. Salesforce

With the world’s number one CRM, Salesforce is powerhouse of features and built-in tools.

The tool helps you to increase your sales productivity, make insightful decisions with up-to-date data, get more leads and make them sales ready.

Starting with just $5 per month, the tool allows any business with vision to build almost any kind of functionality and custom reporting they need into the app.

Salesforce CRM is compatible with every kind of business. The tool can be used for various purposes like-increasing the customer service efficiency, improving customer retention, revenue increase, increasing profit margins, lead conversion rate improvement and more.

  1. Sales Search

Sales search is a Chrome extension that is easy to use tool for sales representatives looking to streamline their constant searching and sourcing. It’s often seen that people copy and paste terms they find on a prospect’s site or any other location into a search engine. But one can simply highlight the key phrase and right-click to search for more information around it.

For example, you land on XYZ site and want to learn more about lead generation. All you have to do is highlight the words “lead generation,” right-click, and use the extension’s search options to get further insight.