Hong Kong has now won the tag of the best investment destination in the globe. Since the colonial era of Hong Kong under the British, the jurisdiction started a journey that has given it the current high profile. World Bank has rated the jurisdiction at the top on ease of doing business index list.

This ease is replicated in all areas of company operations. At the registration level, the investor is required to meet all the requirements set in the Companies Ordinance such as providing the company structure, articles of association, copies of directors’ passports, and proof of address.

But the most notable requirement during the company incorporation is the company secretary. This is the person or entity that acts as the custodian of the company’s legal documents and acts as the bridge between the company and the administration.

Selecting the best company secretary for your Hong Kong Business

  • Only go for the most qualified company secretary

In the past, people used to think that they can simply reward their close family friends with company secretary positions. But this only acts as a recipe for failure. The best thing is looking for the most qualified secretary. Ensure he has ample educational backgrounds to preferably a master’s degree in business administration or management.  

  • Ensure the secretary is a resident and has many years of experience in the same post

The task of a company secretary in Hong-Kong or somewhere else requires special understanding about the specific roles outlined in the Companies Ordinance. Here, you need to ensure that the secretary appreciates all the roles including safekeeping of the legal documents. He should also be a resident of Hong Kong and possess many years of experience in a similar position.

  • Carefully review the secretary’s commitment to the company’s ideas

For a new business to grow, a lot of commitment is required. In addition to professional qualifications, personal commitment is very important in helping a business move from one level to another. It is important to use professional services when assessing this trait because it can help to build or break a company.

  • In-depth understanding of the Hong Kong market

Because the company secretary will be sitting in board meetings, it is important to get a person with an inherent understanding of the local Hong Kong market. This implies that he can contribute to enriching the company strategies at all levels.

The company secretary you select should come to enhance the management team’s capabilities. Whether you prefer posting an ad on the dailies or using an agency, you can only be assured of taking the business to the next level by picking the most qualified.