If you try to observe what is happening in the streets, especially out of the too good to be true picture you are seeing in the business districts and in the fancy places in the United Stated, you will get a true sight that this country has a problem and it has to be addressed now: domestic violence.

What is Domestic Violence?

Domestic Violence is a behavior where in a person inflicts harm of damages to another. The relationship between the two may be beyond consanguinity or affinity for it may include mere cohabitation such as being roommates. When this is tackled, it may connote more that suffering from physical violence for it encompasses verbal, emotional, economic, religious, reproductive, and sexual abuse. Usually this may pertain to a debate whether this is a misdemeanor or can be considered as felony domestic violence.

Differentiating the two, the main comparison would be how aggravated or serious the situation is. Misdemeanor means that it is lesser, and felony means the opposite. One of the main causes why this happens is the fact that some people think that violence is natural – that it is okay. Lenore Walker introduced what is called the cycle of abuse. Here, she explains that domestic violence that is a result of a buildup of tension. Then comes reconciliation wherein the abuser seems sorry and apologetic. The abused then thinks the abuser is sincere or might change, then the cycle begins again.

 How to stop it

Stopping domestic violence might not be as easy as it is, but with all means it should be stopped. It doesn’t only ruin the abused as a person but it also will impact the upbringing of the children in a family especially as it commonly happens within a household.

Studies show that it does have a grave impact on your emotional stability and psychological well-being. It is reported that 60% of those who suffered domestic violence has experience depression, and as a public knowledge, depression kills.

Not because someone feels superior over another gives him or her the power to inflict harm on the person. People who are experiencing such should dare to take a stand and say that this should stop. There are a lot who are willing to lend a helping hand for this situation to be addressed. Courage, is the first step to pulling out the roots of this culture that should be exterminated and removed from the society.